I’m Mr orege I’m going to be sharing with you my shameful experience with POOR SEXUAL PERFORMANCE

I’m 67 years old as at 2018 when I wrote this article.

I discovered the size of my penis was smaller then my age when I got to Seniors secondary class and I saw my class mates bringing out their penis to urinate but theirs was very much bigger than mine i got so confused and inquisitive but decided to keep quiet because it sounds so odd and embarrassing to discuss with anyone.

I Got admitted into OAU some years later and made my first approach to sex it really ended in tears because the girl insulted me told me I was an impotent and also made me understand the size of my penis wouldn’t even satisfy a month old baby also i ejaculated in less than 2 min I got so embarrassed because the girl stopped talking to me thereafter, she even hissed anytime she sees me on campus that really got me thinking for days but after that and throughout my stay in the university I never got myself into another sex romp  to avoid  getting into another mess

Because of my sexual weakness I was an ardent supporter of NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE so my girlfriend won’t leave me because of my sexual weakness

I got so worried when my wedding was fast approaching, i consulted an urologist (doctor for men ) he explained the psychological connection between the brain and sexual weakness they really sounded like trash to me then he advised me to take Viagra and some other sex pills which I did just to prepare myself for my wedding night & a new sexual relationship

I got embarrassed again in front of my wife because I had the same embarrassing story on my wedding night. My wife started treating me as if I wasn’t man enough i didn’t blame her because i knew GOOD SEX IS THE BEST WAY TO WIN A WOMAN’S HEART. I went for a lot of medical check up I took a lot of drugs I even took local herbs but all didn’t work for me

My meeting with Coach Ayodele changed my life because he told some things about sexual performance that other doctors didn’t tell me, he told me how some natural fruits and herbs helps a man to overcome

*weak erection
* Quick ejaculation
* small penis

*low libido & low sperm quality

 He showed me a lot of testimonies from men that have tried this therapy and it has totally changed their lives. I was surprised and decided to give it a trial my penis started increasing in size then i started getting a very hard erection also i can now have sex for more than 40 minutes nonstop i was so happy i almost turned Coach Ayodele to my Demigod because he really changed my life and my dear wife was happy with me once again

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